UNICEF has initiated a broad cooperation together with Pictura, one of the leading greeting cards companies in Europe. Pictura has a strong platform being present in a number of markets. This cooperation makes it possible for UNICEF to reach a lot of people.

UNICEF and Pictura has created a strong product by connecting the UNICEF brand with the Pictura high quality Products. The added value creates a surplus that UNICEF uses to help children worldwide.


Pictura now introduces a totaly new Christmas line. This new line of products is offerd to the retail partners of Pictura.

The aim is to deliver first class products with a strong connection to UNICEF and also clearly show how much of the money that the customers pays that is being contributed to the Children worldwide.   

By marketing products that gives a good profitability for the retailers and at the same time generatesa big contributions to Children in need is also a way for Pictura to increase the importence of christmas cards.